Analyse and steer your purchase expenditures


Dashboards and statistics

The steering dashboard automatically retrieves the major events to be processed and the key indicators. You will no longer have to collect scattered data, all your business information is centralized, you can monitor your performance on a daily basis and benefit from automated warnings about your process.

Customized views

KIMOCE enables to create customized views to fine-tune the steering of some data or some users. For example, these views enable to display the list of invoices for a supplier that requires a particular monitoring.

Customisable reports

In order to benefit from exploitable data for measure and steering of your purchase performance and to be able to communicate them easily, KIMOCE allows to edit all types of reports in PDF and Excel formats based on all the data included in the software.

Analysis of expenditures

KIMOCE offers an intuitive and rapid platform to extensively analyse all your purchase expenditures. Each data can be cross-checked, compared to the objectives, and shared within your organisation to communicate your purchase performance easily.

Registering to a webinar with demo

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