Purchasing managers can control their whole value chain and thus enhance the purchasing culture inside the different populations of their organisation. Rich, scalable, and customisable, KIMOCE supports the purchasing organisations at each stage of their maturity.

With its unique positioning, KIMOCE integrates a powerful management of the commitments in close communication with your financial system on one side, and the complete management of the asset lifecycle, beyond the purchase cycle on the other side. Totally scalable, KIMOCE adapts to the specific needs of your organisation.

Reconciling People and their systems

At KIMOCE, we are convinced that the key to success of your strategies lies in the support of all the actors of your purchasing value chain. This is the reason why we build our functionalities based on use scenario named user story. This method ensures the affordance of our software, namely its ability to suggest their use. Then, our ergonomists develop models which are approved by our business partners and users.

An almost complete dematerialization of flows is ensured by rapid and intuitive adoption of ergonomic purchasing software and co-workers also observe improvement in the quality of the service provided. Purchasing procedures are immediately simplified, requests are real-time monitored, data reporting is provided to tangibly measure benefits of best practices in purchasing by departments, projects, and business units, etc. You are in a position to appeal to internal customers, explain, and convince them of the merits of your purchasing policy.

Registering to a webinar with demo

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