Whether your organisation is industrial, tertiary, or public, it cannot produce everything and thus needs to procure products and services that are essential to its activity. However, the way to procure these products and services plays a crucial part in your organisation’s competitiveness. This is what the purchase optimization is all about: you need to provide all the required resources to the various trades of your organisation for them to achieve their activity while keeping the operation and investment costs under control. This is the reason why the Purchasing function has become a cross-disciplinary and strategic mission for the sustainability of the organisations. It enables:

  • Rationalisation of purchase needs by raising awareness in the staff upstream of the process
  • Reduction of purchase costs through a methodology implemented by the buyer
  • Leverage effect on the margin through savings achieved on purchases
  • Productivity increase through optimisation and dematerialisation of purchasing procedures
  • Maintaining non-price competitiveness through supplier innovation
  • CRS approach initiated by a responsible purchase policy

KIMOCE provides a day-to-day support to help you meet the expectations of the various trade managements, communicate in concrete terms about the added value of purchases and thus take up your major purchasing challenges.

Reducing your purchasing expenditures
Managing supplier relationships
Optimising your purchase process

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