of the buyers have the best supplier management as an objective*

By initiating real partnerships with your suppliers, you integrate a business expert within your value chain who directly participates to the innovation and non-price competitiveness of your organisation.  This way, purchases now have full responsibility of the supplier capital and ensure to:

  • Manage risks ans relation
  • Reduce payment deadlines
  • Optimise the portfolio of listed suppliers
  • Search for innovation externally

How KIMOCE helps you to take up this challenge:

KIMOCE is your partner of choice to improve your supplier relationships in the long run:

  • Develop plans of progress: set quantitative and qualitative objectives for each supplier and plan these indicators’ monitoring
  • Supplier assessment: assess suppliers according to criteria and view the average of the scores.
  • Manage your meeting with suppliers successfully: edit a meeting chart before every monitoring meeting to benefit from a detailed view of supplier details.
  • Manage your suppliers by category: classify your suppliers according to their business potential to perform a better analysis of your supplier portfolio.
  • Steer your supplier agreements: automate the monitoring of all the aspects of supplier agreements such as price, payment, and duration conditions.
  • Focus on innovation: launch invitations to tender to challenge your supplier on price but also on innovation or CSR.
  • Monitor invoices: your dashboard shows the invoices approved for payment as well as disputed invoices to offer a smoother invoice validation process.
  • Raise awareness for payment deadlines: generate the list of the due invoices to raise awareness on compliance with the payment deadlines.


View the video of the 3 challenges

It will take less than 5 minutes to view how KIMOCE provides a day-to-day support to take up your 3 key challenges.