that is the average reduction of the administrative cost of an optimised purchase process*

The purchase process goes beyond the single purchase department. It is carried out in 5 stages involving several departments according to the applicable procedures within an organisation:

The purchases optimisation is built on the setting up of automated processes combining best practices and a dedicated technological solution. Without automation, low value-added administrative tasks, re-entries, and mistakes accumulate and represent significant indirect costs. Investments are rapidly profitable in an optimised process compared to the costs generated by the placing, follow-up, receipt, invoicing, and payment of non-automated orders. According to La Lettre des Achats, (Procurement specialised publication), an indirect purchases order has a cost of €36 for an optimised process instead of €73 for a non-automated process, which represents a saving of over 50 %.

So, there are some sources of productivity at the heart of the purchase process beyond the methods of purchasing negotiations.

How KIMOCE helps you to take up this challenge:

KIMOCE Purchasing software allows to simplify, to automate, and to steer your whole purchasing value chain.

  • Dematerialise your purchase process from expression of the need to invoicing.
  • Centralise requests on a portal to avoid predatory purchases and spread the purchasing culture
  • Establish hosted or punch-out purchase catalogues
  • Automate validations of budget commitments
  • Aggregate purchasing requests to reduce the number of processed orders and automate your replenishments
  • Automatically reconcile orders, receipts, and invoices
  • Integrate your accounting and budget flows throughout the whole process

* La Lettre des Achats n°87

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